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Thy Kingdom Carriers Ad Contract

• Thy Kingdom Carriers Magazine is a digital and printable publication 3 times a year with a readership nationwide (AL, IL, MI, FL, SC, GA, PA, TX, CA, VA, DC, WI and more) and overseas (Philippines, Bahamas, Jamaica, Italy, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan in Urdu and more). The digital magazine is available for free online/internet through our website on a downloadable format. Our Facebook Magazine page has more than 15,000 fans and viewers worldwide www.facebook.com/2010mag

There are certain guidelines to follow when advertising in this magazine.

TKC has the right to review, make changes or reject a Front cover and Back cover Ad graphics that is not appropriate for the theme of the magazine.

• All copy and advertising materials are due 30 days prior to the issue date. TKC is requesting an extra (5%) of the size rate for an Ad that needs graphic design work. Send Ad by email to ikma16@yahoo.com

• All ads must have a signed contract order before they will run.

Submission Guidelines:

All artwork files should be submitted in the following: 300 DPI screen resolution, .tif/.jpeg/.eps/.pdf file format. For Words only, send it by email to ikma16@yahoo.com

• TKC magazine makes no testament to the qualifications of the businesses advertising in the Thy Kingdom Carriers Magazine publication.

• TKC magazine will not accept or print advertising organization that has an outstanding unpaid account for previous ad submissions.

• TKC Magazine reserves the right to reject any advertisement and refund any money paid for that advertisement.

No refunds 3 days after receipt of payment.

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